Volunteering at Airedale

Since Airedale opened it has been helped and supported by hundreds of hospital volunteers, whether working as individuals or through general organisations such as the Friends of Airedale, Airedale New Venture, or dedicated support groups.

This involvement has been appreciated, not only by patients, but also by hospital management and staff over the years. The Trust acknowledges the very valuable contributions made by volunteers and regards them as part of the hospital team

The Trust is committed to engaging volunteers in meaningful roles and supports them in their wide-ranging activities that enhance our services and add value to the patient and family experience. The Trust ensures that volunteers are well placed, inducted, trained and supported throughout their volunteering to achieve the best possible practice and service. The Trust currently has over 350 volunteers that carry out over 30 different roles across the wards and departments.

There are many changes taking place within the NHS, and the Voluntary Services Department at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is responding to these in a proactive manner. The Voluntary Services are committed to improving the quality of service to the hospital’s patients and visitors.

We are proud of our volunteers and the enormous contribution they make.