Dr Michael Crawford

Secretary: Danielle Parker and Rachel Tomlinson
Tel: 01535 292947
Fax: 01535 292948

Michael Crawford

Medical Oncology

What my department does:
Mostly, patients who have had a diagnosis of cancer who need some form of drug treatment are seen and the treatment administered with appropriate monitoring. We also see patients in whom a diagnosis of cancer is being considered but where the location is uncertain, we then undertake tests to remove the uncertainty. We support the acute teams in caring for cancer patients who are admitted as emergencies.

What my department doesn’t do:
We do not treat cancers of the blood-forming organs, those are treated by haematologists. Some rarer cancers are treated in specialist units, usually in Leeds. We supply support services where this is helpful.

My areas of interest:
I treat lung and gynaecological cancers and those where the primary cannot be identified. I also contribute extensively to the acute oncology service.

My academic background:

  • Teaching – I co-ordinate the teaching of 4th year students in oncology
  • Research – Airedale has a strong track record of work in clinical trials. I have a personal interest in researching patients’ access to diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

GMC/Year Qualified/Qualifications
2252713 / 1975 – Liverpool with distinction in histology and in organic chemistry / MD FRCP London, FRCP Edinburgh.