Audit Committee

Membership and process

The Committee comprises:

David Wharfe, Andrew Dumbleton and Andy Withers,  all of whom are independent Non Executive Directors, appointed by the Board.

The Board is satisfied that the membership of the Committee meets the requirement for recent and relevant financial experience.  The Company Secretary acts as Secretary to the Committee.

The Committee Chair reports the Committee’s deliberations to the following Board meetings and, once agreed, the minutes of each meeting of the Committee are circulated to all members of the Board.

Role and Purpose

The Committee assists the Board to fulfil its oversight responsibilities.  Its primary functions are to:

  • review the establishment and maintenance of an effective system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control, across the whole of the Trust’s activities including its Subsidories (both clinical and non-clinical), that supports the achievement of the Trust’s objectives;
  • ensure there is an effective internal audit that meets mandatory NHS Internal Audit Standards (or Government Internal Audit Standards in an FT) and provides appropriate independent assurance to the Audit Committee, Chief Executive and Board;
  • review the work and findings of the external auditors and consider the implications and management’s responses to their work;
  • review the findings of other significant assurance functions, both internal and external to the Trust, and consider the implications for the governance of the Trust;
  • satisfy itself that the organisation has adequate arrangements in place for countering fraud and review the outcomes of counter fraud work; and
  • monitor the integrity of the financial statement of the Trust and any formal announcements relating to the Trust’s financial performance.