Board appointments, remuneration and terms of service committee

Membership and process

The Committee comprises:

Professor Anne Gregory (Chair), Andrew Gold, Lynn McCracken and Brendan Brown.  The Company Secretary acts as Secretary to the Committee.  The Committee also has the support of the Associate Director of HR and Workforce.

The Chairman of the Committee reports the Committee’s deliberations to the following Board meeting, and, subject to the redaction in the event that they include personal information, the minutes of each meeting of the Committee are circulated to all members of the Board.

Role and Purpose

The Committee’s principal responsibilities are:

To recommend to the Board the remuneration strategy and framework for the posts covered by the Committee’s remit (which include the Director posts for the Trust’s subsidiary)

To determine and agree the general terms and conditions of service, including remuneration, and specific terms for any individual within the Committee’s remit, on recruitment, termination or at any time whilst employed at the Trust;

To oversee the process for the nomination of the Chief Executive for approval by the Board and ratification by the Council of Governors  and the appointment of other Executive and Associate Directors and Company Secretary;

To monitor and evaluate the performance of those posts covered by the Committee’s remit including the Chief Executive;

To review executive and senior management succession planning arrangements across the Trust;

To review and monitor the level and structure of remuneration for executive and senior managers;

To keep under review, the size, structure and composition of the Board (including the skills, knowledge and experience required by it); and

To lead the process for the identification and nomination of the chair of all Board Committees and Board post holders ie Senior Independent Director and Deputy Chair.