Current Estates Work

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Current Estates Work

To ensure the structural stability of the hospital, our estates and facilities subsidiary AGH Solutions is working with the Trust on an extensive programme of maintenance work to help us tackle the worst affected areas first.

This work includes a programme of ward decants, where an empty ward is used to house another ward, so that the ward that has moved can be temporarily closed for structural repairs. This means that some services have moved either permanently or temporarily to other parts of the hospital. More information about the current estates work is below.

Service moves

A number of service moves have taken place to allow work to be carried out in the wards to structurally support the RAAC.

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit has permanently moved from ward 16 to ward 25 in the new modular building located at C29. More information about the new Intensive Care Unit can be found here.

Respiratory Ward

The Respiratory Ward is currently based in the ward 26, in the new modular building that also houses the Intensive Care Unit at location C29.

Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation 

The Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation Ward  has temporarily moved from ward 5 (location C5) to Ward 16 (location  A20), it is expected that the service will move back to ward 5  in spring 2024.

Temporary Ward Closures

Wards 5 and 13 are currently closed for structural work to take place.

Contractors have been stripping out the interiors before installing specially designed steelwork, and then the wards will be returned to a useable condition.

Every effort is being made to keep disruption to a minimum, and we thank you for your patience while this essential work is being carried out.

New office building

Image of the new office block completed

The new office block

Progress photographs

We have recently opened our new office block next to the diabetes centre and mobility services, which has a combination of open plan and private office spaces, and bookable rooms.

It is providing a much needed space for staff currently working in areas of the hospital that are being vacated as part of the major programme of work to structurally support the hospital.

The facility is being used to provide important services such as our digital telemedicine and clinical video consultations as well as providing modern, safe office space for nurses, therapists, and management and administrative teams.

It has been built using modern construction methods, meaning it is more environmentally friendly as it is heated using an air source heat pump and is well insulated, helping to reduce our carbon emissions.

As part of this work a new path has been built to the diabetes centre entrance, allowing patients easier access from the roadside. A new ambulance bay and three patient drop-off bays have also been created.

Other work around the hospital

You may notice some estates work taking place in various locations across the hospital as we work tirelessly to reduce the risk caused by RAAC.

A small amount of this work is taking place on our wards to structurally support them. Every effort is being made to keep noise and disruption to a minimum, however if you have any queries or concerns please raise them with a member of our staff.