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Working in partnership with others is core to what we do.  We work with others at a local and regional level to deliver transformation and future sustainability – so we can give the best care for our population, integrated around our patient needs.

Graphic of the health and care landscape

This video explains how the NHS is run and how it’s changing:

Some of our partnerships include:

Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership

We are the health and care partnership for Bradford district and Craven. We Act as One with the ambition of keeping people ‘happy, healthy at home’. 

Visit the website here:

Our focus is on preventing ill health as much as possible. We will create opportunities that help people stay healthy, well, and independent and tackle inequalities across our communities. We will prioritise prevention and early intervention, fostering healthy lifestyles, self-care and nurturing active communities so that people are happier, healthier and more independent. 

When people need care and support from our services, it will be easy to access, joined up, designed around their needs, and provided as close to where they live as possible. 

We want people to be healthier, happier, and have access to high quality care that is clinically, operationally and financially stable. In other words we want you to be as safe as possible when accessing care while ensuring we make the best use of our resources that are funded by you as taxpayers. 

Watch our animation to see how the four Ps (purpose, population, place and partnership) of our strategy are helping to drive the ambition of our Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership.

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership is a large integrated care system that supports 2.4 million people, living in urban and rural areas. 770,000 are children and young people.

530,000 people live in areas ranked in the most deprived 10% of England. 20% of people are from minority ethnic communities. Together we employ over 100,000 staff and work alongside thousands of volunteers. There are an estimated 400,000 unpaid carers living in West Yorkshire. Having an accurate number for unpaid carers is difficult because many are unknown to services and don’t access support.

Our Partnership brings together the NHS, councils, Healthwatch, hospices and the voluntary community social enterprise sector, to work better with communities to keep everyone healthier; plan and deliver health services more effectively; make sure everyone is treated equally and fairly; help health and care services become as efficient as possible whilst contributing to the wider economy, for example good jobs for good health.

In West Yorkshire, our strength comes from starting with people where they live, their communities and their places.

The five local places (Bradford District and Craven, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield District) are the foundation of better health and care across West Yorkshire.  Working together enhances all partners strengths and draws upon trusted relationships across a wider area to join up care for local people.

How does our West Yorkshire system fit together?
Our system is called West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership. It is made up of two statutory elements:

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Board, involving all the different
organisations which support people’s health and care

West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, a new organisation, overseen by a board.

It supports integration within the NHS to take a joint approach to agreeing and
delivering ambitions for the health of the 2.4million people living across our area.

The board oversees NHS money and helps to make sure the services are in place to make the Partnership Board Strategy become a reality on the ground.  In addition, there are similar partnerships in each of our five local places. The five places that make up West Yorkshire are different. Each brings unique strengths and perspectives to our Partnership.

However, they share challenges and have one common goal – to improve people’s health and wellbeing through delivering quality care and support when needed. Health and Wellbeing Boards in each of our places have a health and wellbeing strategy for their place.

The five place-based partnerships:
Bradford District & Craven Health & Care Partnership
Calderdale Cares Partnership
Kirklees Health and Care Partnership
Leeds Health and Care Partnership
Wakefield District Health & Care Partnership

This short animation looks at the Partnership’s amazing journey since 2016 and explains how our new integrated care board will help us to achieve even better health and care outcomes for the 2.4million people living in West Yorkshire:

West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts

The West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT) is a collaboration of NHS acute hospitals from across the region to drive forward the best possible care for our patients. It also includes Harrogate as the town and it services are covered by the Clinical Commissioning groups based in West Yorkshire.

Our vision is to create a region-wide efficient and sustainable healthcare system which embraces the latest thinking and best practice so we can consistently deliver the highest quality of care and outcomes for our patients in the WYAAT area.

The WYAAT six acute trusts are:

  • Airedale NHS Foundation Trust FT
  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS FT
  • Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS FT
  • Harrogate and District NHS FT
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Our patients across the region are the focus of all WYAAT’s work. Improving their experience and outcomes is at the heart of our work and brings us together.

Together, we cover a population area of 2.3 million people and for them WYAAT is aiming to make the most of our resources and expertise and provide:

  • The highest quality of services and care
  • Improved access to healthcare services
  • Better and more coordinated pathways of care
  • Access to a wider range of clinical specialists
  • The best NHS care with local healthcare working as efficiently as possible.

Trade unions

Here at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we have a strong and effective partnership with our Trade Union colleagues.  We have a number of recognised Trade Unions in the organisation.

There is a list of our currently recognised Trade Unions here.

Read our partnership agreement here.

We continue to work in partnership on workforce changes, new ways of working, health and safety and how we achieve our Right Care values and behaviours.  Any individual is able to join a recognised trade union at any point in their employment with us and we would support any contact with a trade union representative.

We regularly review facility time in line with the Facility Time legislation as outlined in our annual report.

Airedale Telemedicine for Offender Health - prisons/YOIs

Airedale has been at the forefront of delivering remote, outpatient appointments in prisons via secure video link since 2006.  The service is supported by a dedicated admin and clinical team with extensive experience in working with patients under a prison regime.  We have worked with over 40 prisons across England and up to 15 specialties.

The substantial benefits include:

  • – Airedale’s Digital Care Hub has a long history of proving remote healthcare which started with ‘Careline’ (Health in Justice/secure environments)
  • – reduced cost and security risks associated with escorting patients out of prisons to their local hospital
  • – relatively low waiting times compared to local provision
  • – addressing service inequalities and bridging gaps in prison healthcare  – with associated reductions in A&E attendance and non-elective admissions
  • – continuity of care for patients that transfer between prisons that we work with, particularly those with complex and long-term conditions
  • – upskilling and supporting prison healthcare staff
  • – use of a range of video platforms/software

Contact us:

Airedale Telemedicine for Offender Health

01535 294831