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Muhammed Idrees, Senior Pharmacy Technician at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust with some of the soft dolls that were previously donated.

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is calling out for keen knitters and crafty crocheters to create and donate soft dolls for patients living with dementia.

The dolls will be used to support patients at Airedale by giving them something to hold to help ease their anxiety whilst in hospital.

Dementia and Dignity Champion at Airedale, Pauline Swales, says:

“We have seen very distressed patients calm down as soon as they have been given a doll.

“Most of the patients are extremely appreciative of them and like to keep them close or cuddle and stroke them.

“They also help to give patients something to focus on in an often loud, confusing and busy environment.”

The soft dolls can be in whatever pattern/colour but they would need to be newly created (not second hand) and have no attachments that could be pulled off and become a choking hazard (e.g., no eyes or buttons).

To arrange a drop off, please email