Airedale nurse receives Queen’s Nurse title

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A community nurse from Airedale Hospital has been awarded the prestigious title of Queen’s Nurse in recognition of her high standards of practice and patient care.

Maureen Greenwood from Threshfield is the Team Leader for the Craven District Nursing Service at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and will receive her accolade at a special ceremony in London in June.

The award given by the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) is given in recognition of commitment to the highest standards of patient care, service development, learning and leadership.  Maureen is the third nurse from Airedale NHS Foundation Trust to be honoured with the title and follows in the footsteps of Trudy Balderson, Head of Community Services, and Liz Thwaite, Clinical Lead for Community Nursing who are both Queen’s Nurses.

Maureen began her career in the 1980s training as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in Cumbria where she worked for a number of years before spending time working in the prairies of Canada. In 1990 Maureen joined Airedale NHS Foundation Trust where she held senior nursing positions before moving into community services in 1999 where she gained her Specialist Practitioner District Nursing qualification. She has also worked as Clinical Lead at Castleberg Community Hospital before moving into her current post.

Maureen says “ I have worked in community nursing for over 20 years now and my enthusiasm and commitment to providing first class nursing services nearer home remains undiminished. I feel privileged to work alongside the wonderful community District Nursing teams who provide skilled care to patients in their own homes.”

Maureen continues:

“I feel proud to call myself a Queen’s Nurse and hope that I will continue not only to help determine community nursing developments in order to provide safe and effective services for our local population, but to inspire other staff to work within community nursing.”

Jill Asbury, Director of Nursing at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We are particularly proud that we now have three nurses who have been given this prestigious title and that our community nursing leadership are being recognised as a beacon of good practice not only within Airedale NHS Foundation Trust but beyond as well.  Maureen has been a consistent advocate for the delivery of high quality community based patient and family centred care and has been instrumental in continuously improving the service. It is great to see her being recognised for this work.”

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, Chief Executive of the QNI said:

“On behalf of the QNI I would like to congratulate Maureen and welcome her as a Queen’s Nurse. Queen’s Nurses serve as leaders and role models in community nursing, delivering high quality health care across the country. The application and assessment process to become a Queen’s Nurse is rigorous and requires clear commitment to improving care for patients, their families and carers. We look forward to working with Maureen and all other new Queen’s Nurses who have received the title this year.”

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