Airedale seeks new governors

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Airedale Hospital is seeking local people in the Keighley West area and outside of the hospital’s catchment area to become governors at the Trust.

Foundation trust governors have an important role to play and act as a link between the hospital board of directors and the public. This year there are two public governor seats available in the September elections:

  • Keighley West (Braithwaite, Guardhouse, Laycock, Fell Lane, Exley Head, Bogthorn, Ingrow and Bracken Bank)
  • Rest of England (outside of the hospital catchment area)

Could you be our next governor?

Michael Luger, chair of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Most people become governors as they are interested in putting something back into their community.

“Their role is to make sure the non-executive directors account for the performance of the board by asking the right questions and considering reports on how the trust is working.  They also represent the interests of the public and members so need to devote time to finding out what they think.”

Some of the things that the Trust’s governors have been doing over the past year include approving the appointment of non-executive directors and the external auditor and promoting membership of the Foundation Trust and the role of governors through community events. They also have the opportunity to attend focus groups and other Trust events to engage with members and the wider community.  Listening to the experiences of service users helps the hospital to improve performance, where necessary, and plan for the future. All governors are offered training sessions organised by the Trust to help them fulfil their role.

To find out more, call the membership office on 01535 294540 or email to find out more and ask for an application pack. Applications close on Monday 18 September.

Notice of election 2017

Nomination form

Notes for editors

Airedale Hospital has 24 governors who sit on the council of governors:

  • 16 are public governors, who each represent a local area, based on local authority constituencies
  • Four are staff governors – who each represent a staff group and volunteers
  • Four are appointed governors – who represent other partner organisations, such as local councils
  • The public and staff governors are elected by foundation trust members each year.

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