As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, we asked women who worked across the Trust to share their stories.

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Amy Whitaker

What is your job?

I am Amy and I am currently Director of Finance for AGH Solutions and Deputy Director of Finance for the Trust. However, I am currently fortunate enough to be leading on the Trust’s finances as Andrew, our current Director of Finance, is working on a system role across Bradford & Airedale. This means I get to work alongside the other Directors and gain a great deal of experience working at a strategic level.

How did you get to where you are today? What made you decide to do what you do?

I would like to say that I had always wanted to be an accountant but it wouldn’t be true. Things that were on my list were mechanic, vet, solicitor, policewoman, and working at an equestrian centre… so clearly I hadn’t a clue! I left school after my A Levels as I couldn’t face any more study at that time (and I hadn’t done particularly well in my results) and ended up in customer services in a car insurance call centre and working in a couple of pubs behind the bar. I had a fun couple of years but it wasn’t for me long-term and I decided that I had better go to University.  I went to Huddersfield University and studied Computing in Business with the aim to become a Project Manager. I secured a 2:1 degree and set about applying for graduate trainee jobs and that is when I stumbled across the NHS graduate training schemes. At that time they only had General management and Financial management schemes and I applied for both! After going through the process I was recruited onto the Financial Management scheme in 2002. It was at that time I realised I now had another 3 years of studying to become an accountant…  But, what also became clear was that I had been perfectly matched into the right job for me!

I started my career in the North West, shared by Christie NHS FT and South Manchester NHS FT. On graduation from the scheme I got a permanent job at South Manchester and worked my way up to Assistant Director of Finance,  staying with them until 2013 when I applied for the job at Airedale. I have been here ever since and I have stayed because I enjoy the job hugely, I have a great team, my colleagues have always been fab, and I have been well developed. I love working as an accountant in the NHS because it is not as simple as counting widgets, there are patients at the end of every decision, and you can make a real positive difference.

What do you enjoy about your job and about working at Airedale/in the NHS?

I love working as an accountant in the NHS because it is not as simple as counting widgets, there are patients at the end of every decision, and you can make a real positive difference.

What else do you do outside of work? Eg hobbies, caring responsibilities

Outside of work I am a wife to Jack and mum to two children – Erin and Corey. We also have a pony, Milly, two cats (Buster and Benji), and 3 hens (Chicken, Nuggets, & Chips). Most of my free time involves horse riding with my daughter and football with my son. As a family we love to spend time away, we enjoy city breaks and adventure weekends but we also love to spend time at home and with friends, particularly when the weather is nicer and we can have lots of BBQs!!

What is your message to women considering a career in the NHS?

If you are considering a career in the NHS, always remember that there are far more roles than you might expect. Go to your local hospital and ask to shadow different people. Whether you pick a clinical role or a support service role you can be sure that it will be a full and varied career with lots of opportunities if you want them. I know lots of women enjoying successful careers across all professions in the NHS… so go for it!

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