Blog: My Week at Airedale in the communications team

Posted on August 23, 2019 by AireAdmin

Hello, my name is Antonia and I completed a week of work experience in the communications team. I am currently a student studying Biochemistry at the University of Bath.

Airedale hospital has been my local hospital for most of my life. It’s where my broken leg was fixed as a kid, where my grandma was treated for her many ailments and where my family and I said goodbye to my granddad. Whenever you are at the hospital as a patient or a relative you don’t realise the sheer amount of work going on as being in hospital can be a very emotional time – happiness, sadness and relief. Throughout my week of work experience within the communications team I have seen the other side and have been shown how the hospital is one large (over 3000 strong) team, and even though each department may not know each other personally, their work affects and connects with each other. Without all the staff, the hospital would not run as smoothly as it does, and most importantly the patients’ needs would not be met.

I applied for work experience at Airedale as I wanted to get an understanding of what it is like working within the NHS, and I particularly wanted to experience a different path to my degree, to gain an awareness of other job prospects.

Within my week I have gained a unique insight into the hospital as the communications team has a combined perspective of the hospital as they work with a range of teams.

During the week I have been involved in the production of the employee newsletter ‘In the Aire’ where I converted press releases into articles. It was interesting to learn about the different writing styles needed for the different audiences. The newsletter also gave me a chance to see all the different projects going on at the hospital as well as being able to see other important medical stories involving Airedale’s very own. I also was involved in designing a staff wellbeing initiative booklet as well as other design tasks and I got to use my creativity to create a professional as well as appealing design.

Each day was different as the communications team tackle a range of ventures. I got to see how the NHS is a supporting environment for its staff, from the Annual Awards to Staff Open Days to free ice-lollies on the hottest day; the hospital is a very positive working environment.

I also attended a leadership enrichment course hosted by the hospital on influencing and negotiating skills; it was a really interesting session as I got to hear the experiences of a range of staff.

Within the team it was very much about collaboration and my week showed the importance of working together. My favourite part of the week was definitely working with the team; they were all so friendly and welcoming and made my experience at the hospital amazing.

This week was such a unique experience and has really given me a confidence that I couldn’t have gained anywhere else. Working within the NHS is something I am considering for the future, as at the hospital all work has such a positive impact and purpose and is very beneficial for many people.