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Edible Airedale: food forest project sees 2,650 fruit trees planted across hospital grounds

Posted on 05/10/21 by AireAdmin

Planting of a new food forest has been completed at Airedale Hospital, bringing with it an edible landscape for visitors, staff and wildlife. The 12-month Edible Airedale project – created in conjunction with local community interest group YORgreencic and the environmental charity Trees for Cities – has seen 2,650 fruiting trees planted in various locations […]

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Airedale Domestic staff lead the way in national training programme

Posted on 07/24/17 by AireAdmin No Comments

The domestic staff at Airedale Hospital have been sharing their expertise across the country, by advising on a new national training programme for cleaning professionals across the NHS. The team have been a pilot site for the launch of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP ) Competency & Knowledge Workbook – completion of which […]

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Friends help give a garden makeover to hospital courtyards

Posted on 07/04/17 by AireAdmin No Comments

The Friends of Airedale have given the Airedale Hospital courtyards a boost by providing funding of £5000 to help maintain the lovely garden spaces for patients and visitors. The Friends have bought a storage shed for each courtyard and the remainder of the money can be spent on plants, planters, benches or any other equipment […]

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