Changes to our electric car chargers

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We are updating the electric car chargers on site so they will be unavailable to use between 1-5 August.

Between Thursday 1 August and Monday 5 August the electric car chargers will be unavailable whilst they are being upgraded to Pay To Use chargers.  Please make alternative arrangements during this time to charge your car.

 What’s different?

From 5 August the new chargers will be Pay To Use which means there will be a ‘pay as you go’ charge of 20p per kilowatt hour.  You’ll also need to download the VendElectric app to your phone to register, use the unit and pay.

For more info go to

 Where are the chargers and will there be more on site?

We currently have four chargers on site, two in the P2 car park and two at the bottom of the P3 car park.

We’re also installing a further twelve chargers in the new staff car park, opposite Day Nursery, in August.

We’re also installing two new rapid chargers at the main entrance and these will be in use by the end of 2019.

If you have any questions on the chargers please contact

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