Community pulls together for hospital

Posted on April 3, 2020 by AireAdmin

A video from our chief executive:

We’ve issued a heartfelt “thank you” to the community for an overwhelming response to its appeal for items to help staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Local people, businesses and charitable and voluntary organisations have handed over more than 7000 individual items such as drinks, snacks, hand cream and disposable wipes, and donations continue to arrive every day.

People are also making monetary donations via Any funds remaining at the end of this period will continue to be used for the support of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and we will also be paying this kindness forward to our local communities.

Donations coordinator Jodie Hearnshaw said:

“It’s difficult to take in the scale of the response we have had over the past two weeks. People started out by making donations of sweets and treats to keep our staff fuelled up during the long days and night shifts they are putting in. Now we are seeing vans, cars and in some cases lorries arriving day after day with the things that we need.

Every time the phone rings, it’s someone making an offer on behalf of their business or their organisation, or a local person with a brilliant idea for how they can help. People are so generous and so concerned about our staff, it’s quite humbling.”

Keeping staff healthy is of prime concern to the hospital. Wearing personal protection equipment for hours at a time means that frontline workers get hot and need to be able to drink quickly and often.

An appeal on social media for drinks in individual cans, bottles and cartons resulted in more than 5000 juices, water and pop arriving in just a couple of days. Administrative staff are working to make sure that drinks and other items such as much needed handcream are delivered to their colleagues around the hospital so that people don’t have to leave their wards and departments.

Airedale chief executive Brendan Brown said:

“Now more than ever before we are aware that the hospital sits at the heart of our community. The range of people and organisations who have got involved in supporting us in this way is staggering – large and small, they are giving so much to help us and we are truly grateful.

We know that life is going to be very difficult over the coming weeks as the situation reaches its peak, but we are prepared and with everyone’s help we will get through it.”