Community team can now update patient records on the go

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The community teams from Airedale and
Skipton Hospital can now update patient records on their laptops on the go,
after successfully moving to agile working.  The completion of the 6 month
project means staff can now see and update records in real time, improving
communication between professionals and saving time so more patients can be
seen in a single day.

The community team, which includes nurse
specialists, health care support workers and therapists, cover a massive area
of 700 square miles including the Dales and the National Park.  They
provide care in clinics and in the patient’s own home, helping them to manage
long term conditions or provide palliative care.  The teams try to prevent
unnecessary admissions to hospital and work to get people home quickly and
safely if they have needed hospital care.

The challenges of providing care in this
geographical area include travel distances and time spent away from their base
during visits.  The introduction of the new SystmOne project means that
staff can now work remotely, taking their laptops to every home visit. 
They can update a patient’s notes, order prescriptions or equipment or refer a
patient to other professionals or services, all at the home visit or immediately

Balderson, Head of Community Services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“Some of the
community teams have been using SystmOne for a number of years but they have
been running manual and electronic records in parallel so this project has
provided a real opportunity to streamline our systems and processes to reduce
duplication and enable more agile working.  By using SystmOne in this way
we can provide more joined up and seamless care for people by making prompt
referrals, sharing care plans and for our non-medical prescribers they can
making changes to medication which can be all shared with GP’s and other health
professionals in real time. Community services cover a vast rural area so
it is important to use of digital technology to support the delivery of care
where possible”

Maudsley, District Nurse adds:

“I feel proud
that as a team we embraced the challenge and together have implemented a system
that is working really well.  The impact on efficiency and flow is evident
in our ability to increase our caseload, having up to date information at the
point it’s needed has improved patient safety, enabled effective communication
between different services and our time spent on administration has been
dramatically reduced as we’re no longer writing paper notes.”

For example
one of our team logged on to her laptop and the equipment ordering system and
ordered a bed for a patient and confirmed delivery whilst sat outside the
`patient’s house in her car. “

Metcalfe, Sister and Lyn Richardson, Community Staff Nurse, give another
example of how it is working:

technology is amazing and has been revolutionary to the way we think and work.

“I was able
to complete an initial nursing assessment from start to finish, involving
assessing the patient’s needs, providing cares, identifying goals, making a
clear plan, documenting care plans and writing up onto SystmOne in a total time
of 1.5 hours.  This is a dramatic improvement on timescale for our usual
initial assessments, it was so easy to use, was so helpful having all patient
information readily available in the patient’s house as we needed it and
allowed us to action tasks required there and then without delay.”

Patients too
have been supportive of the change and have been impressed with the team’s
ability to use the latest technology in their own home.  

Hellawell, Heart Failure Nurse Specialist adds:

“Our patients
don’t feel that it detracts from their consultations, they actually say it has
enhanced our service as we are able to do a comprehensive review because we can
access their medical records right there.”

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