Donation of music for MRI patients

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Pictured: (from left) Jerry Stanford, Libby Stanford, radiographers Zakirah Ahmed and Linda Fearon

Airedale hospital’s lead governor and his wife have donated a Radio/CD player to the radiology department for patients’ use during MRI scans.

Jerry Stanford, lead governor at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, and his wife Libby Stanford donated the CD player to Airedale’s radiology department after Mrs Stanford had an MRI scan earlier in the year and the CD player wasn’t working. They decided to donate the equipment so that future patients would be able to listen to music of their choice whilst they have a scan.

Radiographer Linda Fearon says, “Many patients are anxious about coming in for an MRI scan. It can be uncomfortable to be in the scanner and lie still for up to 45 minutes, plus the fact that the scanner makes a lot of noise. If the patient can listen to music, the radio – or even a sports match – it can really help them to take their mind off having the scan.

“This donation of a CD player will make a difference to the comfort and experience of future patients and we’re really grateful to Mr and Mrs Stanford for their kind gift.”

Libby said, “When I came in for the MRI I was nervous about the whole procedure, but the staff here did a wonderful job of looking after me. We wanted to replace the Radio/CD player as a thank you, and for the benefit of other patients in the same position.”

Jerry Stanford has been a governor at Airedale hospital since 2015. He and Libby live in Colne.

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