Donation to Friends of Airedale

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A charity based at Airedale hospital, Friends of Airedale, has received a donation from a local business in Cowling ‘New to You’.

Andrea Moore and Thalia Burton from New to You presented the £250 cheque to Friends of Airedale representatives in December.

The shop accept donations of clothing, toys, books and bric-a-brac to sell, then give proceeds to various local charities.

Andrea said, “We only run the shop from a small room in Cowling, but we receive a lot of donations to sell which we’re so thankful for. I really enjoy being able to give something back to local charities in our area.”

Earlier in the year New to You donated money which went to Airedale’s outpatients department which bought mini fridges and fans during the summer’s hot spell. Altogether they have donated £1000 to Friends of Airedale in the past few years.

Eileen Proud, president of Friends of Airedale, says “We’re incredibly grateful for all donations we receive, and we’re passionate about using them to create a positive difference to Airedale patients.”

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