Family donate vital equipment in memory of Jim Tattersall

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The family of well-known and much-loved man from Brierfield have donated vital equipment in his memory.  Jim Tattersall died in tragic circumstances last year whilst celebrating his wedding anniversary in Wales and his family wanted to create a legacy in his memory, at Airedale Hospital, where he had been a patient.  Mr Tattersall had told his family that he thought the department should have the machine and so the family wanted to honour that wish.

With donations made at the funeral the family bought a CoaguChek INR machine, which works off a finger prick so that patients who come for treatment with the maxillofacial service don’t have to leave the clinic to get their clotting blood test and it also means they get an instant result.

The clinic carries out dental extractions for patients who have additional medical needs and for example who take Warfarin, an anticoagulant which slows down clotting, so that a general dentist may not be able to carry it out.  The team also undertake biopsies and other skin procedures under local anaesthetic. 

Dr Zhenya Yankova, Speciality Doctor in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery says:

“The INR test is for measuring somebody’s clotting, and for our patients on Warfarin we need to make sure the clotting is within a certain range before we do the surgery.   In maxillofacial surgery we carry out a lot of procedures under local anaesthetic, so previously the patients would have the blood test before the surgery and have to wait an hour before it is processed, as the sample is taken from their vein.  This machine is like a blood glucose monitor, you just do a finger prick, put the blood on the strip and it measures it; it takes seconds.”

Dr Yankova continues:  

“We are so pleased to have this machine, obviously it was very unfortunate circumstances that brought this to us, but we are very grateful for the family’s kindness.”

Beverley Cox, Sister in the Maxillofacial and orthodontic department at Airedale NHS Foundation trust says

“Also if there was ever an emergency and we needed to take blood quickly we can do it and other departments know we have it too so they can use it.  It has also made other departments think about how they do the testing; it’s also much nicer for the patient to only have to do a finger prick.” 

A presentation box was also made for the machine, to honour the legacy, by Martin Bewes, joiner with AGH Solutions.

 Ann Tattersall, wife of Jim Tattersall says:

“We are just happy it is being used; it was a legacy of my husband for this to happen here.  The box is lovely too, we really appreciate it and it just finishes everything off.” 


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