First butterfly release held in the Airedale Sunbeam Garden

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Airedale Hospital

When a baby dies, whether it’s because of miscarriage, stillbirth, or neo-natal death, a family has very few memories to sustain and comfort them through a lifetime of missing their baby. SiMBA gently supports families to gather precious memories of the short time their baby was here, aiding Health Care Professionals to come alongside families in their hardest times, and offering ongoing support in the weeks, months and years following their baby’s death.

The SiMBA Annual Butterfly Releases form a key part of our support. This poignantly beautiful event brings families together in mutual support and understanding; as each butterflies takes to the air it carries with them the loving thoughts of the family member who has released it. 

We were delighted to hold our first annual butterfly release in the Sunbeam Garden at Airedale Hospital on Sunday (28 July) where we were joined by 94 Adults and 25 Children  at the site of the Airedale Tree of Tranquillity.

We have been worked closely with the Sunbeam Support Group (run by Airedale Midwives Beverley Beaumont, Dawn Wright and Gemma Sayer) to organise this event and we would like to thank everyone who donated their time to help us : The Airedale Choir led by Katie Lister, Gemma for face painting, Paul for donating the PA system, our photographers Laura and Bob and everyone who volunteered to help us on the day.

SiMBA’s CEO Sara Fitzsimmons, co-hosted the event alongside Beverley Beaumont and SiMBA Trustee Cheryl Brogan also attended to represent SiMBA.

Sara Fitzsimmons, MBE, RM, CEO of SiMBA, added “When a baby dies there can be a huge feeling of isolation, our Butterfly Releases encourage families to come together in a gentle event, knowing that they are surrounded by others who understand their grief.  SiMBA is here to offer on-going support to our families, we held our first Butterfly Release in Inverness in 2012, and this year I am so proud to host our first ever event in England. We are holding 11 individual butterfly releases this year, each event unique,  supporting  over 1000 individuals and bringing those affected by the loss of a baby together. Please remember that you are never alone, SiMBA is here to support you and I would encourage anyone affected by baby loss to visit our website : for full details of all of our services.”

Cllr Peter Corkindale Town Mayor, Sarah Simpson, Head of Midwifery and Ron Mulligan, Hospital Chaplaincy all read poems on the day written by families who have been supported by SiMBA.

Sarah Simpson, Head of Midwifery at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust added:  “We are delighted to be holding SiMBA’s first annual Butterfly release in our beautiful Sunbeam Garden here at Airedale Hospital. As the Head Of Midwifery I am honoured to take part in such a wonderful event.  Our Bereavement midwife and the Sunbeam team work tirelessly to support this work along with the Sunbeam team and their families and this would not be successful without their dedication and passion.  We are also hugely grateful to SiMBA and Aidan’s Elephants for providing the beautiful Tree of Tranquillity which is the centre point of our garden and so important to our parents and families.”

For further information on all of SiMBA’s services please visit or call 0131 353 0055 or email

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