Friends donate cycle for Settle Health Centre

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The physiotherapy team at Settle Health Centre now have a new static cycle to help patients with lower limb injuries, thanks to the generosity of Friends of Airedale.

The Sole exercise bike cost £1300 and will be used to help patients regain their cardio fitness and strength.

The physiotherapy team at Settle Health Centre see around 90 new patients every month, most of who have multiple sessions and need rehabilitation in the gym.  The patients come from Settle and the local villages and from Bentham and Ingleton.

Jonathan Northrop, Team Leader for Physiotherapy at Settle Health Centre said:

“The bike is a replacement for one which was bought by the community 15 years ago when we converted the community bathroom here at the health centre into the gym.  They bought a bike, treadmill and rower but over the years with the many patients using it, it needed replacing so I asked Friends for their help.

The bike will be used for patients who have had lower limb injuries and for our patients with osteoarthritis in their knees and hips.  Anyone who has had an injury or accident to a lower limb will lose conditioning in it and the static bike will be useful to get both movement and strength back in their leg.

We are very grateful to the Friends for their help.”

Eileen Proud, President of Friends of Airedale charity said:

It’s been a great pleasure to buy this bike for the health centre and for our patients.  I quite enjoyed my sit on it and I think I could get used to getting fit on it!”

The Friends of Airedale charity has over 350 volunteers working alongside staff and last year the charity spent £225,000 on equipment and facilities to improve the experience of patients being cared for at the hospital.

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