Friends provide special aids for patients

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The Friends of Airedale charity have provided a generous donation of £3700 for special new standing aids to help patients at Airedale Hospital be more mobile and be moved safely by the team caring for them.

The friends have bought five of the stand and transfer support aids, which are light and versatile and encourage more mobile patients to stand up independently.  They also help patients to fully participate when they are being moved, from their bed to a chair for example, thus improving circulation, breathing, digestion and muscle tone.  They also promote dignity and independence and support other activities of daily living.

Matt Dickinson, Learning and Development Facilitator at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We are very grateful to Friends of Airedale for providing these aids which are for patients that have a lack of mobility but have more independence and so don’t need a hoist.  Some patients might be able to stand but don’t have long standing balance, the advantage of these new stands is that they have a fold down seat behind it so it acts as a perching stool while the patient is being transferred out of bed and into the chair.   It gives a lot more independence back to the patient.”

Eileen Proud, President of Friends said:  It’s always a pleasure to buy equipment which not only helps the patient but ensures that the staff assisting the patient are safe.  I am really in favour of them because they are so strong and give confidence to people that can’t stand very well.”

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