Helen pledges to run 1000 miles

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A member of staff at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has pledged to run 1000 miles in 2018, to celebrate the NHS 70th birthday and to raise funds for the community team she works for.

Helen Halliwell who lives in Earby, is the Community Service Delivery Team Co-ordinator at Skipton Hospital and was inspired to set the challenge after reading about ideas to mark the NHS 70th birthday, which takes place on 5 July this year.

“I thought I’d do the challenge and then thought why not fundraise for community services, which is the team I work for.  I often hear patients say how fantastic the team are and how much they’ve made a difference to their family members.  So I’d like to raise money for them for equipment which then helps their patients.”

The community team includes district nurses, the collaborative care team and specialist nurses who provide care at home and prevent hospital admission wherever possible and safe to do so.  They also help patients get home from hospital more quickly and safely with the support they might need at home.

Helen explains why she chose to run for her challenge: “I gave up smoking last year and to make sure I stayed stopped I entered a half marathon in Blackpool.  My running then tailed off as the year went on so I thought I’d set myself a challenge for the whole of 2018 so I couldn’t quit.”

“I’ve got an app on my phone that logs all my runs with a daily target of just short of 3 miles and I’ve done over 100 miles already.  I often run 3 miles during my lunchtime, I run along the canal and back, it only takes half an hour but it’s such a release as well, and takes away all your stresses.”

“My family do think it’s funny that I run because I’m the clumsiest person and walk into things all the time, but when I’ve run, I haven’t fallen or run into anything.  It’s great to combine what I enjoy with a bit of fundraising for the team.”

To support Helen go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/helen-halliwell2.  Helen will put an monthly mileage update on her Just Giving page so that sponsors can track her progress.

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