Hospital coffee shops join refill movement to tackle plastic pollution

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The Friendly Coffee Shops at Airedale Hospital have pledged to help tackle plastic pollution by setting up water refill points, so anyone can fill their water bottles for free.

The idea came from the Trust’s EcoAware group who wanted to follow the example of the national Refill campaign.

Refill is a national tap water project that is trying to encourage people to buy one reusable water bottle and refill it with tap water, instead of buying bottled water.  The campaign aims to get cafes and shops to display signs to say they are happy for people to come in and ask to refill their water bottle.

Helen Roberts, Patient Information Officer at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We wanted to take that campaign and see what we could do with it in the hospital.  We already have notices in our staff kitchen areas to remind staff that they can access free water and lots of staff already do it and bring their own water bottles to work.  That was the first stage and now with the support of Friends of Airedale we can offer that for visitors and the public.”

Helen continues:

“It’s a simple idea that can make a really big change, just because of the amount of water that people drink.  Drinking water is important for your health and hydration and so if you just stop constantly buying a new bottle of it and use a refillable bottle, you can make a massive difference really quickly.”

The shop also sells refillable coffee cups and anyone buying a cup will receive their first drink for free.

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