Hospital hosts Eid celebration

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Nadia Hussain from HR, Ron Mulligan, Head of Chaplaincy and Naeem Aslam from the Aagrah

Staff and patients came together today to celebrate Eid and taste some dates, samosas and a mountain of delicious sweets donated by local restaurant, the Aagrah.

The event was organised by the chaplaincy and HR team as part of a calendar of celebrations which includes Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Passover, the Festival of Lights and events for those of non faith, such as the Great Get together.

Nadia Hussain, Organisational, Learning Improvement Facilitator at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“For those of our Muslim patients and staff we have just fasted for 30 days and at the end of our fast we celebrate Eid which is the breaking of the fast.  So it’s a big celebration for people within the Muslim community, it compares to celebrating Christmas.  We wanted to recognise that and as a lot of us celebrated Eid on Friday, many staff would have been off over the weekend enjoying lots of nice food so we wanted to share that celebration today with all of our colleagues and our patients.”

Faeem Lal, Business Partner in HR at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust adds:

“It adds to our approach as an organisation; we are an inclusive organisation and we value all faiths and want to celebrate at every opportunity.  We are very grateful too to the Aagrah for their generous contribution.” 

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