Hospital supports Treat me well campaign

Posted on June 26, 2018 by AireAdmin

Staff from Airedale Hospital and Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust have hosted an event during Learning Disability Week to showcase the support given at the hospital and in the community for patients with learning disabilities.

The focus of this year’s awareness week is on health and the recently launched Mencap campaign: Treat me well which focusses on how the NHS treats people with a learning disability when they are in hospital. That means making simple adjustments to care such as better communication, clearer information and more time for appointments.

There are 3 designated matrons at Airedale hospital who are alerted if a patient with a Learning Disability is admitted anywhere in the hospital, so they can give support to the teams in the ward or department and make sure that suitable adaptations are made.  Staff also encourage the use of VIP passports which detail the patient’s communication and personal care needs and other important details so all staff who care for them are aware of their individual needs.

Sherie Herpe, Matron for Theatres and Outpatients at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We make reasonable adjustments for our patients and are able to provide bespoke plans of care, for example we can adapt appointment systems so patients can be seen at a specific time which may be quieter.”

“We are also planning to offer site visits for people with Learning Disabilities, so we will be opening up the dental suite, theatres and other areas, so these patients can come and visit before any treatment and allay any fears or anxiety.”