Meet Heather who works as a post anaesthetic care sister

Posted on March 26, 2018 by AireAdmin

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a post anaesthetic care unit sister

I have worked at Airedale since qualifying as a nurse in 2005. I began my career as a surgical staff nurse on one of our very busy surgical wards. The opportunity then arose for me to follow my passion by starting a position in the operating theatres. I obtained the role of theatre scrub nurse in December 2005. I loved being part of the theatre team and have gained many skills within the surgical field and all its specialities.

In November 2017 an opportunity for promotion arose as I became the theatre recovery sister. This position involves caring for patients after they have received their surgery. A recovery nurse is responsible for ensuring the patients post-operative pain and nausea is controlled, the patient vital signs are closely monitored for a period of time depending on their surgery. Once the patient is stable and comfortable they are returned to the ward.

In recovery we have a small core team of nurses that work closely with each other. All have various nursing backgrounds and experience; some have been here at Airedale for over 30 years and some are just starting their nursing careers.

In my experience, Airedale is a great place to learn and work. Staff are friendly and encouraging and keen for people to progress within their nursing careers.