Meet one of our band 5 OTs who is part of our band 5 development scheme

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Hello my name is Fern Mawson and I am a band 5 occupational therapist. 

I joined the band 5 development scheme at Airedale in July 2017.  This is an innovative rotation scheme for graduate occupational therapists. It is a partnership between Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care Foundation Trust Occupational Therapy Services. The main aims of the scheme are:

  • To enable staff to develop a wide range of clinical and organisational knowledge and skills for the benefit of service users in the Bradford and Airedale districts

  • To recruit and retain newly qualified staff who are actively encouraged to be part of shaping local occupational therapy services for the future,

Whether you wish to gain experience, develop personally and professionally in a range of different clinical areas or are undecided in which area you wish to pursue your occupational therapy career in, the band 5 development scheme is perfect for just that. Each rotation lasts from 6-12 months, providing adequate time to fully settle into the role and provide ample opportunity for development.

Frequent supervision with senior occupational therapists and also peer support groups, provide a sense of belonging and a safe network where your opinions are valued and listened to.

The rotation covers a vast range of areas including mental and physical health as well as inpatient and community; some of the areas include those which can be difficult to get into when you haven’t previously had the experience. The rotation is a fantastic stepping stone for gaining this experience, where you are supported by close knit colleagues and supervisors, and also the wider MDT.

I would highly recommend anyone being part of the rotation scheme here at Airedale. Due to Airedale being a fairly small Trust, it has a very intimate family vibe, where colleagues soon become friends.

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