Memory cards created to recognise early pregnancies that are lost

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Staff at Airedale Hospital have now created special memory cards, to recognise early pregnancies that are sadly lost. 

Prompted by a conversation with a patient who had miscarried, the team from the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) decided to develop a card to recognise first trimester pregnancies that unfortunately miscarry, an idea supported by the miscarriage association website.

Patients and families are currently supported following miscarriage by the EPAU team and patients are provided with a direct contact telephone number to ring if they have any concerns.

Joanne Bradley, Clinical Sister at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“The cards are designed to help parents with the grieving process at a difficult time and it gives official recognition of a life that has been lost.  As a unit we felt that first trimester miscarriages are not always recognised as a loss and the emotional impact is often underestimated.”

The cards were created by local personalised card company, Collisons, who are based in Shipley and actively help local charity projects, and in collaboration with the hospital charity, Airedale Hospital & Community Charity.

Joanne continues:

“We are extremely grateful to Collisons for their support in creating the cards.  So far they have been well received, although it is appreciated that this type of commemorative token is not for everyone.  As a team we are dedicated to supporting ladies who have unfortunately miscarried in the first trimester of pregnancy and the memory cards are offered to provide an element of comfort and lasting recognition of the loss.”

Jo Dawson, Sales and Accounts Executive at Collisons Ltd said:

“I was honoured to have been involved in helping to turn this new idea into reality. When first approached I leapt at the chance for myself and Collisons to help make this happen and even more so when I had the chance to meet with the team who do such an amazing job and are so passionate about this project.”

“Miscarriage affects many of us, directly or indirectly, and probably far more people that we know because it can be hidden rather than acknowledged and supported.  I hope these cards and the messages they contain will be of some help and comfort to a lot of parents at a very sad time.  It’s amazing to have had the chance to support the team who support those parents on a daily basis.”

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