Money raised for Friends of Airedale through local Co-op stores

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Local Co-op stores and customers have been raising money for the Friends of Airedale hospital charity through their Local Community Fund.

Money is raised by Co-op members where 1% of what they spend on selected Co-op branded products and services goes to support local causes through the Local Community Fund. Members can choose a local cause for their 1% to support.

Friends of Airedale became one of the nominated Local Community Funds in October 2018, and throughout the year £7,682 was raised for them.

John Lofthouse, Chairman of Friends of Airedale, says, “A big thank you to all the Co-op members who had nominated Friends of Airedale Hospital as their chosen charity for the past 12 months. The total amount raised has been amazing and is a wonderful help enabling the charity to supply equipment and services that benefit the patients and help enhance inpatient stays.

“On behalf of all the trustees and many volunteers of Friends of Airedale hospital, we give a very heartfelt thank you.”

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