New blood pressure machine saves valuable time thanks to Friends

Posted on September 11, 2017 by AireAdmin

Staff Nurse Sam Kenny and Healthcare Support Worker Corinne Molloy

The Friends of Airedale charity which supports Airedale Hospital has provided a new state of the art blood pressure machine costing over £1500, which will save the staff valuable time when checking patients in the pre-operative assessment unit.  Checking blood pressure is one of the many vital checks that staff do during the assessment to ensure they are as fit as possible for surgery before being admitted onto the ward on their operation day.  Patients will also have their pulse, height and weight checked and a nose swab taken.  There will also be a health assessment questionnaire and a check of a patient’s medication prior to surgery.

Corrine Molloy, Healthcare Support Worker at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“We use this machine all the time, constantly, every day.  We don’t stop because we do everyone’s blood pressure that comes through pre-operative assessment.  This machine is brilliant because it’s so much quicker, just changing the pads on the older machine can take so much time up because of the system to change the cuffs for different people or children.  On the new machine it is very easy to change.  I can do over 30 blood pressure checks a day and may need to do multiple checks for each patient so it will save valuable time.”

Eileen Proud, President of Friends of Airedale, said: “Any piece of equipment bought by the Friends of Airedale for the comfort of patients makes our hard work a pleasure. We have 350 volunteers who work tirelessly to raise money for the extras the NHS can’t always supply”.

In 2015-16 the Friends charity donated almost £300,000 to patient care and comfort at the hospital.