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Tuesday 17 September is World Patient Safety Day, and Amanda Stanford, associate director of patient safety and quality, is starting a new series of blog posts on the topic of ‘Speak Up For Safety’. Read on for the first installment…

I have recently joined Airedale NHS Foundation Trust as Director of Quality and Patient Safety.  My aim is to work with all of our clinical and non- clinical teams to develop our Quality & Safety Strategy and to capture and celebrate the work that you are doing every day to improve the safety and quality of care. Whilst I have only been in the Trust for a relatively short time I have seen and heard many examples of individuals and teams innovating and developing safe practice and I am committed to making sure we create a culture of sharing these across our organisation.

Today 17 September 2019 we are celebrating World Patient Safety Day and I have taken the opportunity to start our ‘Speak Up for Safety’ blog as one way of sharing and learning across the organization. I have the privilege of starting the blog but I will be approaching teams to contribute their own patient safety stories over the coming weeks.

I would like to encourage you also to make your safety pledges today – there is a stand on the top landing with forms to complete so please fill one in as we are keen to capture these. Thank you to all of you who have already shared with us what patient safety means to you; you’ll have seen some of them in the email today and can see more on social media this week.

Over the coming weeks we will be working on developing a Quality & Safety Strategy in collaboration with you. There will be opportunities for you to have your say and we will be joining various meetings to share findings and encourage feedback.

Just on a personal note I wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome I have received since joining the Trust and I look forward to working with you all.

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