Special donation for babies with jaundice

Posted on January 14, 2019 by AireAdmin

With the kind help of a family from Micklethwaite, a half marathon run and Friends of Airedale, a NeoBLUE phototherapy unit has arrived for use on the maternity unit at Airedale Hospital.

Jon Warrick and his wife Santa Cordero sadly lost their baby when she was stillborn at the hospital but they wanted to help the unit and so when they were married in July 2017, they asked for donations instead of presents and so raised £1875 for the equipment in the name of their baby, Francesca Cordero-Warrick.

Jaundice is a common and usually harmless condition in new-born babies that causes yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes.  The symptoms usually develop 2 to 3 days after birth and tend to get better without treatment by the time the baby is about 2 weeks old.  Where treatment is required, this is done using phototherapy where the baby is laid under a halogen or fluorescent lamp with their eyes covered and through a process called photo-oxidation, this helps the baby get better.    Photo-oxidation adds oxygen to the bilirubin so it dissolves easily in water.  This makes it easier for the baby’s liver to break down and remove the bilirubin from their blood.

Everyone was able to see the unit in use as 2 day old Donovan Shannon-O’Keeffe was receiving treatment from it.

In January 2018 Caroline Lowe, Ward 21 Manager, and her husband Andrew, ran their first half marathon whilst on holiday in California, USA. Their run raised over £450 and Caroline’s husband’s employer, NatWest, kindly donated another £250 under their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The Friends of Airedale gladly donated the remaining £1760 of the total cost of £4350.

Jon and Santa said: “We are so pleased that we have been able to help other babies in memory of Francesca.  We wanted to get something special and for the donation to come direct to this unit and it’s lovely to see it in use today.”

Eileen Proud, President of Friends of Airedale said: “It is always wonderful to help any patient but helping those just coming into the world is truly special. We are so pleased that Friends of Airedale were able to help.”

Caroline Lowe, Ward 21 Manager at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:  “We are so grateful to Jon and Santa and the Friends of Airedale for making it possible to buy this equipment that really enhances care for our babies.  It’s so much easier now having this piece equipment on our ward. It’s so accessible, and since it arrived in December it has been used frequently which proves there is a definite need for it.”