Staff provide little bags of essentials for new mums in need

Posted on September 11, 2017 by AireAdmin

The Newborn Hearing Screening Team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust are providing bags of essential products for new mums who come into hospital and are most in need of a little help.

The team on ward 21 have worked together to produce Pride Packs.  The packs, which are all packaged in a jersey drawstring bag are full of toiletry essentials for women who come into hospital without anything.  There are bags for both mums and their babies and they contain everything from shampoo, deodorant and breast pads for the mums to nappies, wipes and even clothes for their new babies. All items have been provided by the staff at their own cost.

The idea came from Sharon Robinson who is a Newborn Hearing Screener at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.  Sharon says:

“There are mums who just can’t afford certain things, and staff who care for the ladies can see when some mums don’t have much and discreetly give them the Pride Packs.  We think of ourselves as a very dedicated team and we care about the babies and the mums.  We provide things where there is a real need or a necessity.

Women who have had their baby say they feel so much better when they are able to have their own personal care products so they feel clean and fresh for the start of their day as a new mum.”