Stretcher Chair donation from Skipton Rotary Clubs to enhance patient rehabilitation at Airedale

Posted on July 8, 2021 by AireAdmin

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Critical Care Unit has recently received a
stretcher chair, costing over £5,300 and funded
entirely by both Rotary Clubs in Skipton, to enhance patient rehabilitation.

The stretcher chair is used for patient rehabilitation at Airedale NHS
Foundation Trust, particularly patients on the Critical Care Unit and those who
cannot get out of bed. The new chair
provides more support than a standard chair and allows the therapy team to
transfer patients out of bed who otherwise may be unable to do so. This allows
very early rehabilitation to commence in even the lowest level patients and
provides numerous physical and psychological benefits.

The chair was donated in June this year and was presented by Andrew Gold, President of Skipton Rotary Club and
Chair of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust; Phil
Brown, President of Skipton Craven Rotary Club; and Brian Stott, Rotary’s
Assistant District Governor for Dales Group.

Andrew Gold, President of Skipton Rotary Club and Chair of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, says:

“Rotary in Skipton thanks all those who contributed to the fundraising for this stretcher chair which makes a real difference to the Trust’s patients and its people.”

Tom Woodcock, Senior Physiotherapist at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust,

“Colleagues on ward 16 have used this piece of kit with
a countless number of patients already, contributing to their overall recovery,
speeding up their rehabilitation and ultimately reducing their length of stay
in hospital.  It is an invaluable piece of kit.”

Freya Sledding, Therapy Service Manager at Airedale NHS Foundation
Trust, says:

would like to add what a difference this chair has made firstly to the early
rehab we can provide but secondly on our workforce. I have heard many positive
comments from excited therapists who see this need and can utilise it in their
patient care.”

Airedale Hospital and Community Charity handles charitable funds activities like this on behalf of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and its community services. Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the charity is able to support and invest in areas across ANHSFT in line with the Trust strategy.