Up, Up and Away on Graduation Day

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Room Leader Caroline Hannah with Aran Beggan, Alex Ranton and Martha Cheung

Aran Beggan, Alex Ranton and Martha Cheung were amongst the 30 children graduating from Nightingales Day Nursery today, the on-site nursery at Airedale Hospital.

All the children and their parents took part in the special celebration to mark the important milestone of moving on to primary school.

To honour the occasion staff organised a red carpet photo call with cap and gown so all the children could have an official picture and gave them a scroll and book to commemorate their time at nursery, as many of the children started the nursery as babies.

The children also wrote cards saying what they had enjoyed about nursery and tied them to helium balloons and then had a launch, watching all 30 balloons float off into the sky, giving them a lasting memory of their graduation day.

Caroline Hannah, Room Leader from Nightingales Day Nursery at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“It’s so emotional on a day like today, especially as they’ve come from being babies and you’ve looked after them all the way through nursery.  You do make a special bond, not only if you’re their key worker but with all the children you look after. They learn so much and grow and now they’re all ready to move on to their next step at school.”

One of the graduates is 4 year old Alex Ranton from Eastburn who will start Sutton in Craven Community Primary in September.

Proud mum Amanda says: “The graduation was so lovely and the staff put so much effort into it, from the songs they had learned to the little mortice board hats, it was all so lovely.  Alex has been here for 4 years, he has been here from being 3 months old, and the staff have been brilliant throughout.”

The nursery cares for babies from 10 weeks old to school age, from 7am to 7pm, 5 days a week and is one of 5 nurseries in the region to receive a share of £500,000 from the Early Years Capital Fund to extend its facilities.  From January 2018 the nursery will have extra vacancies for 3 and 4 year olds, allowing more parents to access their free childcare entitlement.

For more information on the nursery contact Val Hogg, Childcare Provision Manager on 01535 294092 or email valerie.hogg@anhst.nhs.uk

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