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Aziz receiving his vaccine at Airedale Vaccination Centre

Aziz-ur Rehman, Imam at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, gets his booster at Airedale Hospital vaccination centre and is urging others to do the same.

“I’m an Imam in the Chaplaincy Team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and in my role I’m here for anyone in the hospital regardless of whether they have a religious belief or not, from patients to staff members, if they need to talk about their beliefs and spirituality or if they want to share that they’re just feeling down to someone who’ll listen without judgement.

“In this capacity, I see many people on the wards, prayer rooms, and in the community and I do not know whether someone has Covid unless they choose to tell me.

“This makes it more important for me to be protected, jabbed and boosted.”

Aziz lives in Bradford with his extended family of ten and recognises the importance of not bringing the virus home.

Aziz said:

“If you look around you, the difference from last year is that people I know who are vaccinated feel safer around their friends and loved ones knowing that, as a group they are all vaccinated.

“I think that the more people who become vaccinated, the safer we become.

“We have to keep ourselves safe first and foremost so that we can care for and support others.

“Getting the jab and booster is the responsible thing to do as it keeps your friends, family and other patients safe.”

The plea from Aziz comes after the NHS Covid vaccination programme for Bradford District and Craven passed a significant milestone recently with over 1 million vaccines now delivered to local people covering first, second and booster doses.

You can book your vaccination online at or by calling 119. Or if you prefer, visit to find out which services will be offering walk-in appointments.