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Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership is asking local people to get involved in shaping mental health services so that care can be delivered closer to home at workshops taking place in May.

The partnership is asking residents and people with lived experience of mental ill-health, as well as people working in primary care networks (PCNs) and community mental health services within the areas of Manningham, Heaton, Girlington, West Bowling, Great Horton and Laisterdyke to come along to the workshops.

The workshops will be taking place on Thursday 19 May from 2:00 to 4.30pm at Carlisle Business Centre, 60 Carlisle Road, Manningham, Bradford, BD8 8BD and Wednesday 25 May from 2:00 to 4.30pm at Girlington Community Centre, Girlington Road, Girlington, Bradford, BD8 9NN.

Therese Patten, Chief Executive for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and Chair for the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity, said: “We are keen to involve people with lived experience, as well as those delivering services, to have their say on mental health services, so we can understand how we can plan our future services based on what we hear from local people. We’re keen to hear from people and work alongside them to identify what is working well, where we need to make improvements and identify where the gaps are. If you’re unable to attend either of the workshops, you can send your feedback to as we would value your feedback.”

Dr Ishtiaq Gilkar, Clinical Director for PCN 6 and a GP at Little Horton Lane Medical Centre, said: “We want to make sure that we’re delivering mental health services that meet the needs of our local population and have them come on the journey alongside us, so please come along to the workshops as your involvement will be invaluable.

“Colleagues who are involved in delivering services will also play a key role on how future mental health services need to be delivered, by harnessing their knowledge and experience we can transform the way community mental health services are delivered.”

Dr Safina Haque, Clinical Director for PCN 4 and a GP at Kensington Partnership, said: “The workshops will help us to look at how we work across different organisations, including the voluntary and community sector and how those relationships can be strengthened. We want to be able to deliver mental health services, which our communities feel comfortable accessing and meet their needs, while delivering our vision of people being cared for closer to home, where it is appropriate to do so.”

Anyone interested in attending the workshops must book their place in advance by emailing