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healthcare staff talking to a patient in a consultation

healthcare staff talking to a patient in a consultation

Notice of Election

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is calling for members of the public aged 16 or over with an interest in the Trust to consider standing for election to become a Governor of the Trust and is holding online events so people can find out more.

The Trust is seeking applications for eleven Public Governor seats, for people who reside in each of those communities, and one for the ‘Rest of England’ seat, which is open to anyone outside of the local area served by the Trust.

The Trust currently has 20 governors on the council of governors.  12 are public governors, who each represent a specific area that they reside in, 4 are staff governors who each represent a staff group and 4 are appointed governors who represent other partner organisations, such as local councils.

Governors act as a key link between the Trust’s Board of Directors and the public and are elected by the Trust’s members.

Governors not only represent the views of local people at meetings, they observe Board and Committee meetings, give their views regarding the Trust’s annual plan, attend informal monthly meetings with the Chair and other members of Board to hear about the hospital and get invited to take part in other activities such as supporting the work of the hospital charity in their local communities.

Karen Ellison, Lead Governor at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says:

“Our Governors hold the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board of Directors by asking questions about the Trust’s performance, services and plans.  We invite local people to tell us what they think about the Trust’s services and we represent their views at Council of Governor meetings.

“It is a rewarding position and can give you great satisfaction.“

Andrew Gold, Chair at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust explains the role:

“The governors represent the interests of members and the public following feedback received through their involvement in a variety of activities.  These include meetings with the Trust and within the community as well as attendance at community network meetings. Members of the Council of Governors observe the Public Board and Committee meetings.  They also attend joint meetings with the Board of Directors to consider the Trust’s Annual Plan and approve the appointment of the Trust Chair and Non-Executive Directors.”

“We would love to hear from anyone who has an interest in healthcare, has access to attend certain meetings remotely and the time to get involved as a Governor.”

To see the video of lead governor Karen explaining the role  click here.

The Trust will be holding two events so that those people interested in becoming a Governor can learn more about the role.  These are taking place online via MS Teams on the following dates:

9 February at 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

15 February at 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

To book a place at one of the above events or for further information regarding the role of a Governor, please email or telephone phone 01535 294540.

The trust currently holds the governor meetings online and will be looking to continue doing so, for those people that find it difficult to attend meetings in person.  This is to help those with other commitments fit the role more flexibly into their working or home life.  The trust serves a diverse population, is committed to inclusivity and encourages applications from across the community.

All Governors have to be members of the Trust which is a simple registration process for anyone who is not already a member.

Elections open on 31 January and close on 28 February.  Voting starts on 22 March and closes on 14 April and the results will be announced on the trust website after 15 April.