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Photo of Jessica smiling

This week, we caught up with Jessica Segelov who recently joined the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) and has come to work at Airedale Hospital for her first placement.

What is the Graduate Management Training Scheme?

“The GMTS is the national graduate scheme and is an intensive two-year programme designed to develop and invest in the next generation of health care leaders within the NHS.

There are two placements that give graduates experience in both operational and strategic settings – and an 8-week flexi placement in the middle at the graduate’s choice of location.”

What was your original degree in?

“I graduated from Cardiff University School of Music, and I was a teacher for ten years. Anyone with a degree (in any subject) is eligible to apply to the GMTS Scheme”.

Jessica was offered a place on the GMTS graduate scheme after an extremely competitive application process; including seven months of video interviews, personality assessments, behaviour and judgment under stress tests as well as an online numeracy exam and ending with a five-hour interview with a panel.

The GMTS team received 18,500 national and international applications that eventually led to 250 trainees being offered a place on the scheme.

How did you feel when you heard you had a place on the scheme?

“I was in total shock when I heard I had been offered a place, I knew there was a 1% chance of anybody getting through, so I honestly didn’t expect to be accepted. I’m delighted to have just completed my first three months on the scheme and am learning about what excellent leadership looks like every day by shadowing and learning from others at Airedale”.

As part of the scheme, each trainee chooses a specialty from either General Management, Human Resources, Finances, Policy and Strategy or Health Analysis and Health Informatics.

Jessica chose Health Informatics and says:

“One of the most challenging parts of the scheme is trying to juggle a full-time leadership role within the NHS and the two elements of postgraduate study.

The first qualification we work towards is an Elizabeth Garrett Anderson award – Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership – and the second is a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics.”

“Having a previous career in teaching, at first, I was convinced I had little to offer the NHS. However, every day I am learning how the skills and experiences that I gained through teaching have given me a toolkit to utilise and expand upon as I develop my leadership skills.

If anybody is wanting to join the NHS or the graduate scheme and isn’t sure, my advice would be to go for it!

The goal is to understand how we can provide the best possible patient care to the communities we serve and having a passion for striving for excellence in all areas of patient care is a key component for anybody seeking to pursue a career in the NHS.”

What are your first impressions of Airedale hospital?

“The first 20 days of my placement were ‘Orientation’; this is a time for trainees to see as many departments as possible and shadow clinicians and members of staff for the day.

My first impression was how welcoming everybody is – the members of staff and patients at Airedale are lovely and made me feel like part of the furniture!

I relocated from South Wales, so it was very special how everyone made me feel right at home from day one.”

“I noticed too the dedication staff have to their patients and how much the patients respond to this in a positive way. I saw first-hand how staff go above and beyond for the patients they are taking care of and always go the extra mile to make sure they’re delivering a service that’s tailored to their patients’ needs”.

The GMTS scheme is a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking to develop their leadership skills and a career within the NHS – check out the website to apply in next year’s cohort!

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