Admin & Clerical

Admin & Clerical

Our Administrative team is an integral part of ensuring our services run smoothly, safely and effectively. They offer support to both clinical and non-clinical staff, making sure everything, such as patient and staff records, are well-organised and kept securely.

A career within our administration team offers variety with different pathways to follow dependent on your skills and career aspirations. Some administrative staff, such as ward clerks or receptionists, have a lot of contact with patients.

Other staff are based in headquarters buildings and work mainly with other administrative staff. Typists, secretaries and personal assistants may be based in hospitals and have contact with healthcare staff, but little or no contact with patients.

Read on to learn about all the opportunities we have at Airedale in administrative services…


Community Services

Our admin and clerical teams range from team administrators for busy clinical teams such as district nursing, collaborative care, community advanced practitioners and specialist nurses, as well as reception roles at each site, ward administrator posts for the inpatient unit at Castleberg Hospital and secretary to head of service and team leaders.

Our administrators provide general administration support whilst also monitoring all clinical medical equipment, IT equipment etc. We also have an estates coordination function and manage clinical waste, telephony, escalation of outstanding estates issues and health and safety monitoring for the three community sites, Skipton Hospital, Castleberg Hospital and Settle Health Centre.

No two days are the same! Being part of the community administration teams at Airedale is varied and energetic. If you would like to join our brilliant team, take a look at our vacancies and get in touch.

Administrative Services

There is always room for growth within the administration team at Airedale, opportunities to take further qualifications and move on in your career.

You can progress whilst working in administration, by becoming a team leader or supervisor. You could even become an administration manager or move into other wider healthcare roles, too.

Roles include…

Clerical Workers (Clerk)

Clerks are responsible for any administrative tasks required within their department; this could be filling, inputting data, answering phones or collecting and storing files. This is a flexible role with a variety of requirements.

Health Records Staff

Health records staff make sure that letters and reports are kept up to date and in the right place for doctors, nurses and other health professionals.


Our receptionists are the first point of contact for anyone visiting our hospital. If you are friendly, helpful and welcoming- this could be a great role for you.

Secretary and Typists

Our secretaries and typists are skilled at word processing, creating well-presented and accurate letters, reports and case notes.

Medical Secretaries and Personal Assistants

Medical secretaries and PAs work for senior staff in typing up medical and other specialist reports.

Telephonists and Switchboard Operators

Our telephonists and switchboard operators are responsible for putting callers through to the right people or departments.

Corporate Services

Our corporate services team supports both clinical and non clinical areas, using their professional skills to provide a variety of services across the organisation.

Corporate services such as hospital play or health promotion are primarily intended for patients; others, like human resources, support other NHS employees. Surveyors and architects have a lot of contact with organisations outside the NHS.

Working in corporate services, there are different routes you can take, depending on your skill set and aspirations.

Corporate services staff usually join the NHS with qualifications and experience. As a Trust, we will support you in undertaking further qualifications to help you progress in your career.

Roles include…

Communications and PR

This team is responsible for managing the reputation of the Trust and of the wider NHS. They lead on communications from the Trust to their own staff, patients, their families and the public. The communications team manages the Trust website, social media, internal bulletins and digital screens and works with newspapers, magazines and broadcast media. Working in NHS communications is exciting, and no two days are ever the same!

Airedale Hospital & Community Charity Team

Airedale Hospital & Community Charity is the dedicated charity of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. The Charity supports the staff, patients and communities of Airedale to receive the best possible care and support. Our team are responsible for proactively raising funds to enhance patient care and employee wellbeing, organising fundraising events, raising awareness and supporting others. Initiative and creativity are required when working in this exciting sector.


Our finance team makes sure that our budgets are well managed and spent. Staff may work on payrolls and accounts departments.


Chaplains are faith leaders who look after the spiritual needs of patients, staff and visitors.

Health Play Staff

This team works with children and young people in hospital to make sure they don’t miss out on vital life experiences such as playing with other children and making friends. They help monitor a child’s progression and prepare them for procedures.

Nursery Nurse/Assistant

In this role, our staff work with pre-school children to organise their daily routine, including meals, activities and rest times.

Human Resources

The HR team is responsible for the recruitment and training of new staff. They advise managers on discipline, managing absence and equal opportunities. They can work from different levels from assistants to managers.

Who we’re looking for…

  • A good standard of literacy and numeracy.
  • GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and Maths.
  • IT skills and/or qualifications
  • Time management, organisation and communication skills

In addition to these skills, Airedale seeks individuals who embody its values of compassion; respect and dignity; teamwork; and commitment to high quality care.

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