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Mum and baby attending group meeting

We are making a real difference

The Airedale Maternity Voices Partnership are an enthusiastic group of service users and service representatives who commit time to supporting, developing and shaping maternity services at in the district

We aim to represent all women and families using our services.

What do we do?

  • liaise with and report to the maternity team
  • help shape maternity services
  • support service users to be active members of recruitment panels
  • advocate for and represent a wide diversity of women using Airedale maternity services and feedback to them
  • contribute to the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Local Maternity System MVP network

Our Yearly Structure

We hold bi-monthly meetings, to include; Walk the Patch, 15 Steps, general meetings/feedback sessions as a rolling program.

for example:


‘Walk the Patch’ – chatting to women and families using the maternity services


’15 Steps’ – walking through the maternity estate and providing feedback to the service


‘Walk the Patch’


’15 Steps’


Full Meeting with all relevant partners