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David Hasselhoff in video message to Airedale

Staff at Airedale NHS FT and its subsidiary, AGH Solutions, have received a very special message of support from a Hollywood superstar – David Hasselhoff.

In the message the Hoff tells staff that they have made a difference in many people’s lives, and thanks them for a fantastic year.

Speaking from the States he signs off “To Hoffinity and beyond…Hoff off!’.

Staff members were amazed to see it, with one describing the message as “the best thing that’s happened all year”.

“You don’t expect a megastar like the Hoff to namecheck Airedale Hospital” she said.

The Hoff recorded the message after Marina Fawcett, a member of the AGH Solutions team, told him what a difficult couple of years the NHS has had.  Marina and her husband Steve know him well from taking their KITT car to Knight Rider conventions and have been friends for many years.

Chief Executive Brendan Brown was delighted with the message for colleagues; “I am extremely grateful that David has done this for us.

“It’s been a great boost to our colleagues who continue to go above and beyond, and are facing a challenging winter.

“It’s extraordinarily kind of him and he is very welcome to visit our corner of West Yorkshire whenever he’s next in the UK.”

David Moss, MD of AGH Solutions, agrees: “The Hoff is a legend and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the message.

“I grew up watching Knight Rider so this message is pretty special, like meeting one of your heroes.

“I hope he pays us a visit some day – and if he brings KITT with him, that would be amazing!”

You can watch the message on YouTube.