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Alison Rohatynskyj

Alison Rohatynskyj

Alison Rohatynskyj

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Speech and Language Therapy Professional Lead and Therapy services manager for Children’s Therapies, Stammering services and Neurodevelopmental assessment

Area of responsibility

Speech and Language Therapy workforce and  professional standards.

Operational management of  Children’s Therapies – Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Stammering services (telehealth and training), Neurodevelopmental assessment (Autism diagnostic service).

Contact details

01535 292821/2829

Child Development Centre, Building 15, Airedale General Hospital

Alison Rohatynskyj

Background / Profile

I qualified with BSc in Clinical Language Sciences ( Speech and Language Therapy) in 1991 at Leeds Polytechnic.

I have previously worked as a paediatric/LD therapist in Rotherham, Leeds and Newham, before coming to Airedale in 2008 as a Clinical lead in Complex needs and Dysphagia. I completed my MSc in Advanced Speech and Language Therapy practice in 2010.

I  became paediatric SALT team lead in 2012 and Children’s Therapies manager/SALT professional lead in  2014.  I now have a wide portfolio including extensive engagement  externally in relation to CYP and SEND.

I currently Chair the Yorkshire and Humber Speech and Language Therapy managers group.