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Annette Ferrier

Photo of Annette Ferrier

Annette Ferrier

Allied Health Professionals and Scientists

Job role

Staff Governor

Point of contact at the hospital

Telephone: 01535 294540

Photo of Annette Ferrier

Professional background

Annette Ferrier is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She believes that in her role as a Staff Governor, she will be able to highlight the work of allied health professionals (AHPs) and scientists and how they can help to support the entire body of work that the Trust undertakes. Annette enjoys getting involved in wider Trust issues and hearing from fellow AHPs and scientists about the challenges they face and their good practice, and sharing this with the Council of Governors. Annette works within the Digital Care Hub with a variety of acute and community services as well as primary care. She feels that these networks are invaluable to the Trust as they help gather and share information across a wide cross section of Trust staff, patients and members.