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Amy Dugdale

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Macmillan gynaecology clinical nurse specialist (CNS)

Job role

To support patients referred to the gynaecology team with a suspected or confirmed gynaecological cancer. We are the main point of call for patients undergoing investigations or treatment for gynaecological cancers and are there to inform, support and guide patients through the difficult, emotional pathway

Area of responsibility

Gynaecology oncology specialist nursing team

Point of contact at the hospital

Telephone: 01535292329

staff placeholder image

Professional background

I have been in post as a Macmillan gynaecology CNS since July 2017 and became the manager of the service in July 2019. Prior to this I worked on gynaecology and women’s surgical wards and in intensive care.  My post was initially funded by Macmillan and our whole team is adopted by Macmillan. We are very proud to be supported by Macmillan and work very closely with their organisation to ensure we provide our patients with appropriate information, support, and guidance in line with their core values.

We have a passion for providing exceptional, timely and effective care, ensuring patients and relatives are informed, supported and guided during their investigations and treatment within our service. Cancer investigations and treatment can be a very frightening and worrying time for many people and our service is here to support patients and relatives through this.