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Chemotherapy treatment pathway

Chemotherapy treatment pathway

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Coming in for chemotherapy

If your treatment plan includes chemotherapy this film will help to explain some of the things that you may be worried about before you attend for your first visit, such as parking, what to eat and drink and what medicines to take.

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Visit the Macmillan site that opens in a new web browser window to find out more about types, treatments and side-effects.
More about chemotherapy
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Click through to our main Trust website to find out all the directions, maps and travel information to find us at Airedale hospital
Where to find us

On the day of your chemotherapy

In this short video, you can hear what will happen on the day of your treatment, including checking you are well enough for chemotherapy, how your treatment is given and what to do once it has finished.

How is chemotherapy given?

There are different ways to have chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. This link to the Macmillan website describes all of these.  How is chemotherapy given | Macmillan Cancer Support

Where is the chemotherapy unit?

The unit is located at A17 (check on the video as there is an image). The mobile cancer care units are located at various locations in the community. Your first chemotherapy will always be on the unit in the hospital and the team can talk to you about using one of these in future.

How long will my treatment take?

Your treatment time will vary depending on how your treatment is given. If you are having an injection you may be required in the department for up to an hour and for chemotherapy given by an infusion pump, this can between 1-6 hours. Your nurse will give you this detail before your first day.

After your chemotherapy?

In this film you can learn what to do if you feel unwell at home after having chemotherapy, who to call and how the team can help.

More about Cancer Services at Airedale Trust
You can find out more about the range of treatments and services we provide within the Cancer Services department by following this link back to our main departmental area.

Acute oncology helpline number: 01535 292944
Can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Directory of CNS teams

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Hear from our Macmillan nurse specialist and then use the panels below to access key areas of advice and support that we think you might find helpful.
You can always talk to our nursing team if you don’t understand anything contained in some of these links.

Chemotherapy drugs

Search to know more about the drugs that you have beed prescribed by you clinical team. Drugs suit different cancers and different patients.

Side effects

All chemotherapy drugs have the potential for causing different side effects as the treatments starts to work. Find out more about what these could be.

Dealing with anxiety

Any treatment can be worrying, so it’s important you think about dealing with your anxieties. This information is here to help you with this.

Information in other formats

Do you need this information in a different language, in a spoken format or easy read options. There are lots of different ways of finding out more.