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Children’s services

Children’s services

Children’s Services form part of the Women, Children and Specialist Services Group within the Trust.

Within Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Children’s Services includes: Acute and Community Paediatrics, Neonatal Unit, Children’s Unit (Ward 17), Children’s Outpatients, Children’s Diabetes, Clinics from visiting tertiary specialist, Children’s Outreach Service and the Child Development Centre.

Care for children and young people is provided in the acute setting, the child’s home or school environment and also in primary care settings. Children’s Services is also responsible for Children’s Safeguarding.

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We see children and young people with a range of health conditions in outr outpatient clinics. The paediatrics team also provides a number of specialist clinics:

Specialist allergy clinic, predominantly dealing with food allergies as well as other allergic conditions.

Paediatric audiology is run by the audiology team

Treating heart murmurs, cyanosis, heart failure and cardiac conditions in children.

Community paediatrics
We look after children with developmental problems, including problems with learning, communication and movement.

A full paediatric diabetes service is available.

Treating hormone deficiencies and growth problems.

Ear, nose and throat
Our paediatric ear, nose and throat clinic is run at Airedale Hospital by visiting consultants from Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Treating problems relating to the blood, including anaemia and clotting.

Metabolic disorders
Children and young people with metabolic disorders  will be referred to the specialist clinic in Bradford

Nephrology and Urology
Treating UTI, enuresis, renal disease and urological abnormalities.

We treat fits, faints, funny turns, epilepsy and headaches.

Orthoptist and visiting opthalmology consultant for children  and young people with eye and vision problems


Visiting  consultant and  specialist paedaitric physiotherapist from Airedale CDC  for children and young people with bone and joint problems

Visiting consultant sees children and young people with rheumatological  problems .

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Our specialist services

Acute and community paediatric services
Children’s Unit (Ward 17)
Child Development service
Childrens’ outpatients
Childrens’ diabetes service
Childrens’ outreach service
Neonatal unit
Children's Services