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Acute and community paediatric service

Acute and community paediatric service

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Acute Paediatricians 

Community Paediatricians

We are a team of specialist paediatricians who provide out of hospital care for children and young people with a range of health and developmental needs; physical disabilities, learning disability, social communication disorders (autism) and other long term disabling conditions. We also carry out a range of statutory duties in relation to child protection, medical advice for special educational needs and health assessments for looked after children. We work within the community in partnership with families and young people.

We work closely with other health professionals and have close links with the acute paediatricians, paediatric therapists and outreach nursing team and also with colleagues in primary care, schools and children’s centres and within children’s services. We accept referrals from professionals within these services. We accept new patient referrals up to age 16, but may continue to see young people with disabilities until they complete secondary education at age 19. We provide a service for children living in the Keighley and Craven area including Bingley and the Wharfe Valley.

Location Building 22, B20

Phone: 01535 652511