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Martin Welton

Smiling face of Martin Welton

Team Leader for the Specialist Nursing Team

Job role

Team Leader for the Specialist Nursing Team

Area of Responsibility

Operational Management and Leadership of the Community Specialist Nurses

Point of contact at the hospital
Smiling face of Martin Welton

Professional background

My professional background is in physiotherapy, especially in older peoples rehabilitation and community working. I started at Airedale in 2015 and quickly realised that I had a strong desire to develop my leadership skills. Before my role with the Specialist Nurses I held positions within Community Services as ACCT Team Leader and ward manager of the Intermediate Care Unit. Airedale has supported me to be a physiotherapist in a non-traditional role. My values align with Airedales promotion of compassionate and inclusive leadership. I remain ambitious to support clinicians to be the best they can be.