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Specialist Nursing Team

Specialist Nursing Team

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The Community Specialist Nurses team is comprised of highly skilled nurses dedicated to the support, education and care of patients and their families with life changing conditions.

The team provides education and support to other health care professionals both in primary and secondary care to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality evidenced based care available. The Specialist Nurses are comprised of Neurology (including Parkinsons & Multiple Sclerosis), Cardiology, Heart Failure & Cardiac Rehabilitation and Respiratory.

The team is based in Building  8,  Airedale General Hospital and in addition to work in patient’s homes, nurse-led clinics are provided in community health settings and also in-reach into Airedale Hospital and care homes.

Nursing Teams & Facilities

Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse team

We aim to support people and their families following recent heart attacks or expected cardiac interventions such as stents or internal defibrillators. We also provide support for people prior to and following heart surgery.

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Specialist continence service

We are a community based service led by a continence nurse specialist working in partnership with women’s health physiotherapists, consultants, colo-rectal and urology nurse specialist, GP’s and community nurses.

The service aims to

  • Promote continence
  • Undertake detailed individualised assessment
  • Offer treatment and/or management options based on individual need
  • Improve people’s quality of life and promote dignity and independence

The service provides assessment, treatment and advice for adults (registered with a Craven GP) with bladder and/or bowel problems. Advice, exercises, teaching intermittent self-catheterisation, advice regarding containment products and other continence specific aids.

Clinics are held at both Skipton General Hospital and Settle Health Centre. Patients in their own homes who are not mobile will be seen by district nurses in the first instance.

Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Service

We are a team of four Heart Failure Nurse Specialists who manage and support patients with chronic heart failure (caused by left ventricular systolic dysfunction) and their carers and families in the community of Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven & Bentham.

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Neurological Specialist Nursing Team

This is a community service provided in people’s homes, nurse-led clinics, nursing and residential homes. Specialist nurses can also provide advice and support to other health professionals.

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Parkinson’s Disease Nurse

We aim to provide patients’ with a better quality of life, help patients develop knowledge about their condition and educate them on how best to care for themselves.

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Respiratory Specialist Nurses

We are a team of three respiratory nurse specialists who support patients with a chronic lung condition such as COPD, chronic asthma and pulmonary fibrosis amongst others.

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